Bullet Wood

Location in BHU campus :Planted along roadside.

Botanical name : Mimusops elengi L.

Family : Sapotaceae

Vernacular / local Name : Assam-Gokul; Bengali-Bakul ; Gujarati-Barsoli,bolsari; Hindi-Maulsari.maulsiri ; Kannada-Bakula,pagade; Malayalam-Elengi,ilangai ; Marathi-Ovalli; Oriya-Bokulo-baula; Sanskrit-Bakula; Tamil-Ilanji,magayam,vagulam,mahila; Telugu-Pagoda.

English names : Indian Medler tree , Bullet wood ( has very strong wood)

A large evergreen tree,9-12 m high. Bark very dark, fissured .Leaves 7-10 cm long,elliptic,shiny abruptly pointed. Flowers fascicled, star -shaped, creamy white, fragrant, about 2.5 cm in diameter, corolla lobes 24 in two series. Fruit usually about 2.5 cm long, ovoid ,yellow when ripe with ; one shining seed.

Flowering: January-March

Fruiting : May-June

  • Sacred value
  • According to Vamana purana the flowers are used in worshipping lord Vishnu. It is one of the few species whose flowers can be collected from ground and offered in worship. The seeds are offered to Lord Shiva. The tree is often grown near mausoleums in South India.

  • Uses
  • Fruit is edible, used for pickles and preserves. Seed oil is used for cooking. Flowers are used for the preparation of an otto used in perfumes and as a stimulant. Leaves are used as fodder. Wood is used for building construction, agricultural implements and other purposes.

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