Boxwood Gardenia

Location in BHU campus :Common tree/shrub mainly planted for the beautiful fragrant flowers.

Botanical name : Gardenia latifolia Ait.

Family : Rubiaceae

Vernacular / local Name : Hindi-Papra,paphar,ban pindalu; Kannada-Kalkambi,adavibikke; Marathi-Ghogari,papur,pandru; Oriya-Kota rangadamkurdu,jantia; Tamil-Kumbay,perungambil; Telugu-Peddabikki,gaiger,peddakaringuva.

English names : Boxwood gardenia

A handsome small tree up to 8m high with round crown. Leaves opposite or 3-nate ,broadly elliptical , orbicular or obovate, usually 12-25 cm long.Flowers solitary, white,7-10 cm diameter,funnel-shaped.Fruit 4-5 cm diameter,globose,greenish yellow when ripe.

Flowering: March-May

Fruiting : November-January

  • Sacred value
  • Flowers are offered in puja.
    Root of Gardenia turgida is regarded as a charm by the natives of Chota Nagpur,who wear it attached to the wrist by a cord.

  • Uses
  • Wood is used for toys,combs,mathematical scales,turnery articles etc. Fruit is edible.

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