Chir Pine

Location in BHU campus :Planted in Botanical garden and in a residential quarter in Old Medical Enclave

Botanical name : Pinus roxburghii Sarg.
                             Syn P.longifolia Roxb.

Family : Pinaceae

Vernacular / local Name : Hindi-Chir, chil, sarala; Sanskrit - Sarala; other vernacular and regional names are mostly derivatives of these names.

English / Trade names : Chir Pine, Himalayan Long needle Pine, Chil.

A large coniferous tree, usually reaching 30 m height and 3 m diameter. Leaves needle-like, in clusters of three, Male cones light brown, ca 1.5 cm long, arranged clusters. Female mature cones 10-20 x 7-10 cm, woody; seeds winged. Plants bear cones between January-February.

  • Sacred value
  • According to Vayu Purana the plant is considered for religious purposes.Chir is associated with the constellation Jyeshtha(Antares).

  • Uses
  • Resin obtained from stem is used in manufacture of varnishes and paints. Wood is used for construction work and for making packing cases, furniture, paper pulp and in match-industry. Turpentine oil obtained from the oleoresin is used in medicines.It is a fast growing pine and hence useful in afforestation.

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