Cluster Fig

Location in BHU campus: Located along the roadside in the campus.The strong supple branches are not affected by wind and is a hurricane resistant tree suitable for avenues.

Botanical name : Ficus racemosa Linn syn F. glomerata Roxb

Family : Moraceae

Vernacular / local Name : Bengali- Dumur ,jagyadumbar ; Gujarati- Umar,goolar;Hindi- Umar,goolar; Kannada,Malayalam and Tamil-Athi; Marathi- Umbar,Oriya –Dimri; Sanskrit –Udumbara ; Telugu- Athi ,bodda,paidi,udumbaramu.

English /Trade names : Cluster fig,country fig

A moderate –sized, deciduous tree to large spreading tree. It is not epiphytic and does not have aerial roots. Bark is variable in color ,smooth and becomes scaly with age. Leaves are ovate or elliptic. Flowers are minute,unisexual. Fruits(figs) are 1-2 inches in diameter, sub –globose or pyriform and borne in large clusters on short leafless branches emerging from the trunk and the main branches; red when ripe.

Flowering / Fruiting: March-June

  • Sacred value
  • Udumbara has been highly placed and eulogized . The abode of Kumari is prescribed under a fig tree or Udumbara tree.It is considered a sacred tree to both Hindus and Buddhists.

    According to Atharvaveda ,the sacrificial ladle and amulets were made out of Udumbara tree.The seat of god Vivasvan,who is worshipped at the end of Soma sacrifice is made out of this wood.There is a belief that during the night of dipavali all the gods gather together on the top of this tree and they pluck all its blossoms.The roots of the tree are considered as brahma,its bark as Vishnu and branches as Siva.The tree is compared with Vishnu because one of the names of Vishnu is Udumbara.The tree is associated with wealth,prosperity and progeny ,and is supposed to destroy enemies. Planting of Udumbara increases the effect of sacrifices according to Padma Purana.

    It is a sacred tree and an indicator of under-ground water.

    Women worship Udumbara for prosperity and offspring .

    Planting Udumbara in the south of the house is auspicious and brings fortune to the owner but inauspicious if planted in North. Shukra or Venus is associated Ficus glomerata / Ficus racemosa.

    For the constellation -Karthigai /Kritika /The axe,the tree to be worshipped is Ficus glomerata (country Fig-Athi, gular or Umbar) and the respective deity is Agni.

    The leaves are offered to Lord Vishnu during Shri Narasinha Jayanti vrata pooja.

  • Uses
  • Bark yields tannin,leaves are used as fodder and fruits are edible.Wood lasts well under water and is used for well-curbs,match-boxes etc.The leaves are used in bilious affections:the bark is given to cattle in riderpest diseases.Its roots are used in diarrhoea and diabetes and the fruits are considered carminative and the latex is used in piles and diarrhoea. It is one of the best shade trees to be planted in coffee estates.

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